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That's not love

That's not love.

When my daughter was just a little thing we were outside hanging out and a caterpillar stung her. I proceeded to smash the offender under my heal to stop her from being hurt again. Later on, I thought how odd it was that the very thing the caterpillar did to protect itself was its undoing. God used that to open my eyes to a truth I think many of us miss. There are so many times when we have been hurt or misunderstood and our reaction can be walls, defensive measures, or even attack. The result of that is rarely to our benefit. The reason is that those are all mechanisms of the flesh to protect itself apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit. (Now we all understand that it is wisdom in avoiding certain people or circumstances that are just not healthy.)

If we look at our example of Christ, we can see the way God reacted to hurts, and even outright rejection. His plan was love acting differently than we understand in our nature. There is an enormous difference in the response when it is love in principle acting versus love for self.

We must realize that people, including ourselves, are a work in progress and it is people, not Jesus who hurt us like that. The devil will use those hurts to drive you away from God's people and even God Himself if we are not careful.

When study1 Cor 13, we do not merely see a list of how to act but also how love reacts in response to acts. Patient, endures all things, does not take into account a wrong... oh these are hard to deal with, I know. But if we, as God's children, would both act and respond to actions in God's love, what would that mean? First, it would prevent hurts and misunderstandings that bring harm. Which of us has not done or said something wrong that leaves us hoping for grace and forgiveness from others? Should we not give what we need?

Dear saints of God, by the mercies of God, stop hurting one another, stop gossiping, and stop acting like someone who doesn't have the Spirit of God. Are we not to be ministers of the Love and peace of Christ? If we want to be part of a body that builds up and encourages, then let us each start with how we act and also how we react. So what is a victory for a family that lives like that?

John 13:35 By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.

And here we see it is a love we HAVE not just a way we act. This love is found in Christ and comes out as we partake of His life in us.

Love like Jesus, Live like Jesus

CJ Cutrone

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