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A man sent from God

A man sent from God

In the book of John, we find what I believe is one of the most potent thoughts that can properly define us. If we understand this word is also for us and embrace it, there is a fundamental change that occurs.

John 1:6 There came a man sent from God...

Oh to God that that could be said about us. Brothers and sisters alike, has God not commanded us to go? Then by the very nature of that holiest call and command, we must realize that we are also sent from God. But what does that mean? It goes on to say of John that "he came to be a witness, to testify about the light so that all might believe"

When D.L. Moody heard a preacher speak of a man completely surrendered to God his response was, " By the grace of God I will be that man." Charles Finney, the day after his born-again experience told his first client that day the following, "I have a retainer from the Lord Jesus Christ to plead his cause and I cannot plead yours." Both these men, among many others, went on to testify of that Light. Does this mean we must all stop our work? For some of us that answer is yes, and for some, it is no; but there is some great truth in what happened in them. They were willing to pay the price to be used of God. (And yes there is a price. Grace gives us the strength to pay it, but a life in Christ has a cost. It is the Christian who does not understand this that is most pitied of all. Take up your cross, deny yourself and follow me is a command with a cost. But Jesus also gives us His life to do it in.) Both these men, by way of example, had consecrated themselves to God and given up all claims to the world and it's offers. Both these men changed the world for Jesus Christ. That calling belongs to all of us, not just to "full time" ministers. There is no such thing as a part-time Christian.

But how do we show the Light of Christ to the world? Yes, by all means, our words are needed and mighty when in truth. But when our words come from empty tombs what value do they have? Is not the greatest witness to the Gospel and life of Christ, Christ alive in us; His life flowing through His children? When they see you and I, do they long to know what it is they see? Or do they hear our words and based on what they see it means nothing but dead rules?

Here we must see that the call to go into the world means we are being sent from that which is not of the world. Jesus the Word made flesh, (John 1:10-14) came into the world and the world knew Him not, but many saw that light and believed. Even so, if we realize that we are born of God and not of this world, then we can see the separation from the world that is and should be natural to one born again; we can see how we are sent to show the living Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, walk in your calling, be separate, take up your cross, follow Him and by His grace and Holy Spirit let your life be a vessel for His light. This is the fullness of life; this is a life worth living. All else is vanity that will pass away.

CJ Cutrone

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