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Defeated? I think not!

So many times we look around and see all the "yuk" of this world everywhere, and we get bothered about it. I would say that is great. There should be a holy grief about all the evil around us. However, this should never be a feeling of defeat. Jesus told us all that we are seeing would be as it is, it will even get worse. But we exist in a world that was handed over to the enemy of God in the garden, so we should not be surprised. (Eph 2:1-2) Satan could not have offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world if they were not his to give. (Matt 4:8)

But while we see all this around us we must remember what God has told us. We are soldiers in a battle behind enemy lines. (2 Tim 2:3:4) And who is it that called us into His service? The glorious King of kings. The church is planted by God in this place to wreak havoc on the Devil's kingdom. So while we see all the bad stuff, we must never feel defeated. Instead, we realize that we are here in the power of God and there is nothing all of hell can do to stop the life of Christ in us. We are not defeated we are undefeatable ambassadors for Christ. Who is this who has filled us with His life? The eternal Lord of all creation, the majesty of heaven, the bright and morning star, the fairest of ten thousand. He is the King of Glory, and we are invited to walk with Him and share in His victory as He works out His redemption plan.

He came as a baby and grew as a man, all of hell was against him, and even in death, it could not defeat Him. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! Sadly, the devil has done an effective job at making the church, the bride of Christ feel like we were loosing. Some of that is because he has God's people much like the world. The result of that is we who don't clearly see what side we are on. Divided hearts equals divided life. (Matt 6:21-23) Dear saints of God, remember in whom you have placed your hope and remember the light God has called you to shine. We are fighting a powerful enemy, yes yet defeated and we fight in the power of God. So stand in the power of His might, don't see the "yuk" as us losing the fight, but know the mission of God as we walk in and by His grace. Let the life of His Spirit make you bold in the Lord. Yes, like a man shouting the victory as he runs into battle swinging his sword at the enemy, be about the Fathers mission.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against rulers and the powers of this present darkness and spiritual forces in high places, therefore take up the whole armor of God... The weapons of our warfare are mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds, Amen. (2 cor 10:4, Eph 6:12)

Oh, please allow me the grace to speak this to whoever needs to hear it. While we all enjoy being a blessing to those we love, please do not let the pressure of Christmas put you under undue pressure and stress. We can all do it so easily, but Christ came to set us free. His burden is light. Therefore do what you can and rejoice in whatever that is, for He is the gift that fills our hearts. Everything else will pass away

CJ Cutrone

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