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Chosen and Called out

What does this phrase mean or rather what should it really mean to a Christian? To truly understand this is to truly understand the scripture where we are described as "in the world but not of the world". We read in scripture quite clearly that God chose us, we did not choose Him. This is the place we must begin.

We are chosen by God. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! But it does not at all stop with this call. For we are chosen AND called out. The term Ecclesia, which is where we get the word church from, means "the called out." But what are we called out from? In John 15:19 we read the words of Jesus, " If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, I chose you out of the world, because of this, the world hates you."

Peter declared boldly, "be saved from this perverse generation!" He did not merely say be saved from Hell. To be saved is to be removed from that with is under the judgment of God. Jesus also said the prince of this world is already judged, therefore his kingdom is also judged.

Jesus is clear we are chosen and called out of the world to Him. This is why God says, "Therefore, come out from their midst and be separate," says the Lord. "and do not touch what is unclean, and I will welcome you." Christians are to be a part of the kingdom of God no longer a participant in the kingdom ways of Satan. Yes, we live here but here we are an enemy, not a companion. We are on a mission for our God, soldiers behind enemy lines as it were. Do you believe that? Do we live that? Or do we live to build our own kingdoms here, thereby being a part of this world? Oh for God's grace to live that separation. out of the World and born from above is the call of a Christian life.

Here lie so many of the promises of God. For when He says, for example, my peace I give, not as the world gives.... When we search and participate in the world system for peace and happiness, know that is diametrically opposed to God and know in that we cannot obtain the peace that God would offer. The kind of peace God gives comes with a separation unto God in Christ.

Mr Nee, in his book, "Separation from the World" has the wonderful phrase. "Heaven is not a place we will go it is the place of our origin." How that explains it all. We are not of this world, we should not be fitting right in. If we understand all the promises of God are found in Christ and we are born of that Spirit of Christ, that this new creation is part of the kingdom of God then we will begin to understand that this world, while a temporary residence, is not our source, life or reason for doing what we do. This is a fundamental change in our thinking. Mr. Nee stated that if you heard your bank was closing in three months you would stop putting money in b/c there was soon no way to get anything out. This world has already been judged. It is soon to close.

So shouldn't we stop living for a judged system with empty promises? Shouldn't we glory in the Life and kingdom of God? Amen and God's Grace.

CJ Cutrone

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