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We read in Genesis that when God rested on the 7th day; the day was sanctified and blessed because it was the day He rested. It is in that rest the day was sanctified, that is so important. Then we see in Heb. 4 that we are to strive to enter that rest and Genesis is referenced. Now my brothers what is the short end of that story... we see two interesting things in Heb. 4. (It would be great to read the chapter if you haven't in a while) Do not let your heart be hardened and the solution to it; The word of God and the High priest. The word reveals to us things about us. There we see the decease of the heart from our fallen nature. In times of old men brought a sacrifice to the priest to be offered up and prayed for so that they may be healed. And what do we see in the end of Hebrews 4 the high priest of Jesus Christ who has brought His own blood. So the conclusion is to keep your heart right with God by allowing yourself to be known by God and His word, then we enter that rest by submitting to the healing of our great high priest. Heal the wound, break up the fallow ground, bring life where there is death. All this is of faith. So today allow God to reveal and heal. On this day, every day, and on our trip rest in Christ. It is in that resting in Christ that we partake of His sanctifying work and we share in His Holy nature. And it is God who said, "you be Holy for I AM holy." It is all about Him and in Him.

CJ Cutrone

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