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The flesh and the spirit are in opposition

Where the flesh says “this is what I want” the Spirit says “this is what God wants.” Oh, you never see the nasty come out in flesh more than when it is being told it cannot have.... except maybe when it gets what it wants. Aggravation, anger and unrighteousness judgement are the fruit of the flesh being confronted by the Holy standard of God.

The Carnal mind says, “oh come now, what is wrong with that?” But what does God say to His children? “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” So if we are filling our minds with the junk the world spews out then how can we be renewing it? Are we not actually being conformed with and to the many words and sights from ungodly people? But you might say... “I read my bible and pray every day”... well I have a filter system on my water but if I get a glass of water from it and then before I hand it to you I drop dirt in it would you accept it as clean? What about wisdom? God’s wisdom is from above, peaceful and gentle. Perfect understanding results in perfect action when you have perfect love. But are our minds filled with the knowledge and love of God or is it the knowledge of good and evil taken from that tree and mixed with a love of self?

Remember the result of a renewed mind is that you can “prove” what the will of God is. (Rom 12:2) That word prove means to test and verify it is genuine. What does that mean? If we don’t have a renewed mind we will never look at the commands of God and find them as truth and life. They will be to us as foolishness. Note, the key to verse 2 in Romans 12 is proceeded by this command, “present your bodies a living sacrifice...holy acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service of worship.” We also know, “he who wants to be a friend of the world is an enemy of God”. James 4:4 Until we come to the place where we acknowledge we belong to God, and we stop giving ourselves to the carnal nature and worldly, we will never walk in the plan of God for our lives and we will never have the peace of God He has for us. Oh for God’s grace... By His life and grace we can obey Him and have all His precious promises and bring pleasure to His heart. To surrender and die is to live and win!

CJ Cutrone

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