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Truth vs. truth, the lie in the mirror

Truth vs. truth, the lie in the mirror

This truth has changed my life, praise God! I pray it blesses you.

Some of us have cried out to God to “fix” all the things we see wrong in ourselves. We see Christ, all He is and what His word tells us we are to be in Him and yet we don’t see it in ourselves. We pray for patience, peace or calm inside instead of turmoil, or to be free from a particular sin. And then we understand that God speaks to us that His solution is not to fix our old nature but to crucify it. Death is the solution to all that is wrong with us and His life is all that is desirable in us. Oh what a revelation, but what about after that and we still seem to have the same struggles?

Many of us are at a place where we understand what the cross accomplished, and we believe that to be a work in us. But what about the failures that we still see. Oh, there is so much to say here. My heart is longing for God’s children, including myself, to understand more of God’s heart and victory. This is why we read, study, pray and write.

If you are struggling with what you see in the scriptures and what you see in the mirror, please allow me to share two things that may help.

The worst thing we can do, in this situation, is to keep our eyes on us instead of, after seeing God’s will, turning our faith and eyes toward Jesus. We are the problem; He is the answer. So look to the answer, not the problem.

The second thing is a little more to it, but God gave an analogy to help me in my understanding. I shared this a while back at church; today I felt I was supposed to share it here.

A man was arrested; do to no fault of his own, by a person who hated him. He was thrown in jail and treated harshly. A friend went to a judge and pleaded his case. The judge declared him not guilty and commanded he be set free. The officer had no choice but to obey the judge, but he hated that person in jail, so all he did was unlock the door. So here we have the two truths. When the man in jail looked around all that he saw told him he was in jail. That was a truth, but the higher law, the absolute truth, even though not experienced in the physical surroundings, said that he was in fact free. So, it was true he was in jail, it was also true that he was free, but the judge's truth was a higher truth a higher law. The judge was the authority. Depending on which truth he accepted though, controlled his entire life.

We have the promises of God which are truth regardless of what you see or experience, the cross is true, the resurrection is true, God’s victorious life for us is true. If I close my eyes and don’t see my computer in front of me and say it isn’t there, that does not change the truth. My experience of "I do not see a computer here" does not change truth only my reality. God says those who are in Christ have been crucified with Him, we are free from the dominion of sin, we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, we are more than conquerors in Him; we have many such precious promises of true fact. But we have an enemy who has an ally in the fallen flesh, in which we still live. Oh for the day when that which is corruptible will become incorruptible. So my eyes, if opened, bring the truth of my computer in front of me into reality, faith is what brings the truth of God into reality. But here is the test, just like the man in prison, our eyes can tell us of a “truth” about our lives in Christ. Our “eyes” see failures and claim the promises of God are not true. Will we receive, by faith, God’s reality despite what we see in the jail cell? Faith is not hoping for the things of God; faith believes the promises of God. Faith believes what God says about you even if you don’t see it. He is able to complete the work He began, but God works through Faith. God’s truth in a higher order, when we stand on what He says despite what we think we see as truth, He is in power to work in us, for by faith we overcome. By the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony we overcame. Jesus is our testimony and our declaration is we believe God!

Getting us to see ourselves instead of Jesus is one of the best tools the Devil has. Resist that attack.

So today, if you see nothing but bars around you and you see nothing but your failures; lift up your eyes to Jesus and stand up and say I am free because Jesus says I am free. Today by faith I am walking out of this prison. Today, fault and all, I believe God that I am in Christ, righteous in God’s eyes in Christ grace. I am being conformed to His likeness and I will no longer believe the lies. AMEN

CJ Cutrone

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