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As a man thinks so he is

If this is true and we know it is… Then a lot of us really need to evaluate from time to time; myself included. Have you ever felt like your mind was a whirlwind? Thinking one thing now and another in 15 minutes? Confused and not sure what to do or where to go? Praying but not hearing. Asking but not receiving? I believe there is a major component to that which is common to all of us when that is going on. When we find ourselves thinking and existing like this in our mind it may simply because we are living in the carnality of our nature.

God is truth, God is wisdom. When we have our souls, our minds, led by the power and life of His Spirit then we are Spiritual in our thoughts. (I am not saying we are in sin or carnal when we seek answers) When we think SO confused and worldly then it is a sure sign that we are living in our carnality and not being led by His Spirit. In those times what we need is not a clear thought but a renewed Spirit. Rom 12:2 A mind and Spirit that goes back to that place where we are dead to our own wills and desires, where it is Jesus alone who is our hope and He is our answer. He is the peace that passes understanding. That means it is beyond your ability and natural means.

You see it is not an answer to the question we often need but the person of Jesus Christ to come and sit on the throne. So if you are thinking a certain way then know for sure who it is you are… the old flesh or the living Christ. And He is ever willing to accept you and grant His life to those who surrender and trust in Him. Grace and Peace.

CJ Cutrone

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