We are completely volunteer based, including the board of directors. All expenses for missions traveling and operations are funded by the board and/or volunteers personally. This allows all donations to go directly to the work of the Lord.

Here you can see some of the ways in which the Lord has been able to use us to build his kingdom around the world!

About Us

Alliance Ministries (formally Word and Spirit Ministries) was co-founded in 2008 by two ordained ministers with a burden to minister to and for our Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry exists and works with four goals ever before us.

  1. Preach the Gospel
  2. Make disciples
  3. Take care of the poor
  4. Help others who have the same mission

These four goals are the basis for the work of this ministry; be that writing books, building churches in other countries, drilling water well, building and supporting orphanages, or supporting other pastors and ministries in many countries.

We believe in the Word of God as the living infallible authority in Christ's Church and in the sinless life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; for whom we have been redeemed and live for. By His grace, while we wait for His glorious return, we strive to live holy, work with integrity, and serve Him in the advancement of His Kingdom.